The Holy Spirit


  1. Who is the Holy Spirit
  2. Why do I need the Holy Spirit 
  3. The Holy Spirit is God 
  4. The purpose of the Holy Spirit 
  5. History and background 
  6. A serious biblical warning 
  7. Does the Holy Spirit exist? 
  8. The Holy Spirit helps others using you. 
  9. The counsellor
  10. The comforter
  11. The guide 
  12. The protector
  13. The seal
  14. The will of God for your life
  15. Barriers of receiving the Holy Spirit
  16. Gifts of the Holy spirit
  17. Listening to the Holy spirit
  18. Receiving the Holy spirit

Topic*who is the Holy Spirit*
Sub topic *why do I need the Holy Spirit*

One of the first thing the Holy Spirit does is he takes the love of God and makes it personal. It no longer is He loves the world, but does he love me?. You will begin to realize how precious you are as a person to God. You will know first hand the amount of care, compassion and planning that God has put into your life and how he continues to monitor each and every tiny detail about you. The Holy Spirit makes you feel special, the more you get to know Him,the more you need Him. 

*but the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said to you*

       John 14:26

The primary purpose of the Holy Spirit is to revile Jesus to you, he gives you power and boldness to preach the gospel, your no longer ashamed to share the word of God with others. 

He also 

. Brings God’s presence to you, note  your relationship with God gets really deep and soon becomes the best part about your life. 

. He teaches you God’s word (the Bible ) you begin to understand things like never before, you also begin to hunger for more. 

. Your prayer life is transformed, you much better and when using the gift of tongues your prayers are guaranteed to be effective, the quality of prayers will amaze anyone listening to you and even your self sometimes. 

. You receive peace your not disturbed easily the things of this world no longer affect you as they use to. You become more stable person emotions and depression don’t affect you like they use to. 

. He reviles things to you before they happen. 

. The Holy Spirit restores and renew you, he picks you up when you sin. He refreshes you when you are tired and weary. 

. He gives you wisdom and understanding which is not humanly possible. He allows you to see through people and into their real motives and also look past situation and see the big picture. 

. He increases your faith. You will begin to expect and see a lot more miracles in your life. You can notice levels of faith that never possible before he came into your life. 

. He improves the quality of your life, the starting point does not matter, he increase your intelligence your physical strength and energy also. This is an overflow of your spiritual flowing through your soul into your physical body. 

. He brings about excellence in your life, when the Holy Spirit is in control of your life there is no room for mediocrity, he takes great pleasure in bringing excellence in your life in whatever you do. Over time your life will become so fantastic, that just by looking at you many people will be drawn to God. He makes you champion in life.

. He also helps you make though decision in life. 


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