I am just taking my dinner. I got home from work took a shower, dressed warmly and now am having my meal. 

I did pray yes but right now all that is running through my mind is how my day was. Well, my boss was really angry at me for not finishing my assignment on time. My reports are late and clearly its end month and my salary depends on it. 

Well a lot of unlucky things happened today….that’s right but is that all I should think of. So now am counting the good things….they are too many to be honest and right now I have a reason to smile. 

Most of the time we complain a lot and forget the very “small” things that God does for us. 

  • We woke up this morning…despite that we do not deserve the opportunity and grace….still we are alive. 
  • We drove our children to school as usual and drove straight to work. Any idea how many do not make it to their work places or to drop their kids to school???? Thousands…
  • We are working and so earning every month, enough to pay the bills, school fees and for other needs. We might be having a bad day but at least we can provide for ourselves and our families.
  • Your boss was angry at you, yelled at you like a 2 year old and spit at you….well its better than having a psychopath boss who might end up puting your body in a plastic bag. 
  • You meals might not be 5 star but at least you ain’t starving. 

So be grateful and know whatever you are going through someone else is going through worse. Always choose to be positive and learn from your mistakes for a better tomorrow. Be grateful that God has chosen to show you mercy despite your unrighteousness…..Be grateful always


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